Statesboro Blues

The Allman Brothers playing Statesboro Blues is the best way to feel how great it is to be alive.

My first really good batch of Kombucha was Green Tea flavored with Ginger and Peach. Beginners luck I captured lightening in a bottle.

It was vibrant and sweet, with a bite that opened you eyes with wide eyed wonder.

Just like the luscious slide guitar from Duane Allman on Stateboro Blues.

Sencha Green Tea
10 tsp – 180* – 14 mins
Cane Sugar 260g

2020-08-23 Statesboro Blues
ph 2.79
Per 33oz bottle:
125 g peach puree
8g candied ginger
40g grated ginger

The brew had four days in flip top bottles before I strained it into the screw top milk bottles.

Tasting Notes:

Luke: The peach is sublte, but overpowered by the ginger. Not so much ginger next time. Very little fizz.

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