Where It Began

It was the first neighborly BBQ of the pandemic.

A couple of suburban stay at home dads took stock amid the rubble of regular life, pondering what it all means. As their wives chit chatted nearby.

Both Jerry and Luke had come to terms with staying at home while their wives brought in the bacon. They had developed a good routine, each caring for their daughters and the dogs.

The pandemic changed all that. Managing the house was a lot more fun when the boss wasn’t always around. Now that everyone else was home, they no longer felt special.

At the BBQ, one of the wives quipped about her husband needing to make something of life. It was overheard but didn’t land like an insult, more like a challenge.

It was time to grab the bull by the horns. No longer willing to live in the shadows of their wives and their high powered professional careers. They set out on a search for the meaning of life, while never leaving the neighborhood.

They met at the park, scheming, while the kids and dogs ran around.

Luke was despondent. “The weeks don’t mean anything anymore. Everyone is home, it is like its always the weekend.” He sulked.

Jerry reached into the cooler and pulled out a bottle. “Here, try this kombucha I made, let me know what you think.”

The taste was good. Tart yet sweet, making it easy to drink.

Before long, he felt all warm and fuzzy inside, like he had just ingested a magical elixir.

His body became calm, his mind clear, and he beheld his meaningful life.

For these two, kombucha is not just a drink at the health food store, and it is an obsession.

And now their passion is spreading, their SCOBY’s are multiplying like rabbits, and it is about to infect you.

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